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Blog updates


During the last couple of days, I’ve been thinking of using this blog as a kind of “idea-bin” where I’d dump any thought about the projects I’m currently working on. The main reason being that I need a record/archive of my own progress to be queried and read at any time, anywhere.

So, for the following months, I’ll describe some ideas that will be heavy involved with the following themes:

Computer Science and Digital Electronics

Those are the two main areas I’m constantly moving on. Of course, all this is related to one, main, field, which basically involves the designing of a computer system, but I’d like to point out that the main areas I deal with range from hard implementation (actual circuitry) to soft abstraction (programming).

This is all for now, during the following weeks I’ll be updating this blog with random thoughts, inner monologues and reflections about the stuff I’m currently developing, hope this proves useful for anyone with similar interests, or just with a little bit of curiosity of how some things (may) work.



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