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Rockband Stage Kit Controller for PC

“Stage Kit Controller” (SKC) is an application written in C#, free for you to use and distribute under the GNU General Public License for free software. Its primary objective is to let you control your rockband stage kit peripheral using a personal computer, via USB connection.


  1. Generates random patterns.
  2. Supports written scripts.
  3. Winamp synchronization.

The SKC is based on the Rock Band Stage Kit API originally developed by brantestes (, to run it properly you will need the xinput1_3.dll dynamic library. If your computer does not have this library, then you will need to install the DirectX redistributable, SDK, or web installer.

Quick Start:

  1. Unzip the file contents.
  2. xinput1_3.dll needs to be in the same directory as the main executable file.
  3. Run SKC(BETA).Exe

Please note: This is a beta release, a couple of bugs are expected but the main functionality of the application has been tested to work, if you have got any feedback feel free to post it down here.

Tested under Windows XP 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit.

Download links: (SKC-BETA.rar – English version)

Site 1

Update: Spanish version available.

Una versión en castellano del programa está disponible.

“Stage Kit Controller” (SKC) es una aplicación escrita en C# de libre uso y distribución bajo la licencia GNU (General Public License) de software gratuito. El objetivo principal de la aplicación es controlar el Stage Kit de Rockband utilizando un PC, mediante conexión USB.

Características principales:

  • Generación de patrones aleatorios.
  • Archivos Script hechos por el usuario.
  • Sincronización con Winamp
Descarga  ( – versión en castellano):